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A Meeting of Minds – Kate Sandel and Kathleen Lindley Beckham

  I’ve known Kate for some years now and love the way she teaches her “Soft and Sound” approach to horsemanship.  Kathleen first came to my attention when she was teaching in support of Mark Rashid at his clinics and I was impressed with her sympathetic teaching style.  So when I heard that they were going to get together I had to be there.  A good friend and I headed.. Read More

Lovely Ghost Saddle

  Here’s a little blog to say that I invested in a Ghost saddle in an impulsive moment early in December and I’m an extremely happy bunny! I’ve been reading about Ghost saddles for ages on Facebook and other social media.  They are still relatively new in the treeless saddle arena, but the feedback I found was almost unanimously positive.  The saddles sort of seeped into my consciousness until one.. Read More

Pickpockets and Beggars?

“Treats make them into pickpockets and beggars…” I made a note of this quote when a fairly well known horseman came up with it at a clinic I was watching some time ago.  There was an audible intake of breath around the arena and much quiet conversation among the spectators as they tried that opinion out for size.  It certainly rang a bell with me and I could guess at.. Read More

Went for a short hack with my friend today and – hooray! – my Celebridee is back.

Last couple of times out, before our Vet Adventure, he was dragging along behind with me trying hard not to pony-club-kick him along. Today we were back to our deceptively relaxed, rhythmic walk, leaving his poor friend Specs trailing behind and having to trot to catch up. OK, a few things to iron out of course, in finding our forward we’ve lost sight of our halt rather, and backup is.. Read More

Follow up on one of the Horseman’s Calling starters

I’ve been away on clinics with Steve Halfpenny over the last couple of weeks – awesome!  I’m now helping to produce his first book… (watch this space!) while working on one of my own… So not much time for blogging, meaning this is just a short one. Jason Webb sent me a link to this little video of him with Whinnie, the little grey Arab x that he worked with.. Read More

An Invitation – The Horseman’s Calling – Part 2

I tried to keep pace with the furore following the Horseman’s Calling and it made interesting reading.  Epona TV got involved as did other well known and less well known personalities in the world of  horsemanship.  They blogged, they tweeted, they Facebooked…  for a very short time the Internet was full of comment. There was massive criticism of the event itself, it was undoubtedly an unusual and stressful situation for.. Read More