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Horsemans’s Calling

I went to this event last weekend and I’ve been trying to work out some sort of blog about it ever since. I took pages and pages of notes during the times that the trainers were working in the arena, bit I don’t really want to reproduce chunks of those here. The reason for that… well, I’ve got my theories about what the trainers had in mind while they were.. Read More

Don’t Hit the Sloe Gin: 7 tips for Successful Horse Clinic Trainers


I don’t know if any pro trainers will be interested in taking advice from a humble clinic organiser and attendee like me, but I’m going to throw this out there anyway just to round off my series of blogs about clinics. Anyway, I’ve taken part in a lot of these events, either with my horse or my comfy chair, and I think I’ve worked out a few things that make.. Read More

Watch Don’t Teach: How to be the Perfect Horse Clinic Spectator

Well, OK, that might sound obvious, but bear with me… Watching clinics can be a really good learning experience, not only do you have the safety of sitting back and learning from the mistakes of others, but I find that it’s sometimes much easier to understand what’s going on in the arena from a bit of a distance, without my horse. So, most clinics you go to there will be.. Read More

Bring Sun Cream, Wellies and Your Horse: A Beginners Guide to Riding on a Horse Clinic

So, you’ve agonised over whether you are brave enough to ride on a clinic. You’ve chosen the clinic with a trainer that you like, and you’ve saved for the last 9 months to pay for your ticket and transport. How do you make sure that you get what you and your horse need out of the experience? First of all, prepare carefully. Read the clinic information, and if there is.. Read More

Sloe Gin and Drugged Horses: The Dangers of Organising a Horse Clinic

I’ve organised more clinics than I can count, for some great horse trainers including Steve Halfpenny, Tom Widdicombe, Amanda Barton, Dave Stuart and various Parelli Natural Horsemanship instructors. It’s been… interesting……… Feel free to disagree with me, but I think that the most important people at the clinic are the horses, ponies and the people who came with them. In other words, the paying customers. When people come to clinics.. Read More